Musical Bridge

I took a little saunter this evening. My lovely wife joined for the first little bit. Then I went on up to the causeway, and across it and back.

We have a pedestrian walkway across the reservoir here in our town. It connects us all in a wonderful way, and was a great addition a few years ago. It has an aluminum railing along both sides. Silver. With tube spindles. Pretty generic.

But it harbors a secret only regular walkers know about. When the wind blows, especially from the south, across the water, it plays music on the spindles of the railing.

It is kind of a New Age sounding song, like you hear at the spa when you are getting a massage or aroma therapy at the couples spa day your wife bought “you” for Valentines day. Very soothing.

If you ever are in Cicero, and there is a breeze, I recommend you venture out onto the causeway, and have a listen to our secret symphony.