Williamsburg, VA Vacation

We spent the past week in Williamsburg, VA. We stayed at Marriott Fords Colony. This is a beautiful place, with a great location. Very easy to get to anywhere you want to go. We did Old Jamestown, Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Norfolk. We went to Monticello on the way as well.

The resort had very limited services, with only one place to get food and drink. They have two pools and bar/grills, but one was closed all week. That was annoying. They also decided to do some construction during my week, which was also annoying. There were also an amazing amount of really noisy small children considering it was mid-May.

We typically vacation at a hotel type of resort, with full services if possible. This place is really just a time share. If you are used to that, you will love it. For us it was a little bit different. Our room was very small, although I heard that other rooms were very spacious. The staff was really friendly and put forth a lot of effort to make our stay nice.

If you are familiar with the time share world, you know that people lie a lot there, and this trip was no exception. Oh well, no surprises that way. I would probably go here again, so there you are. Things are expensive around here, so be ready.

I recommend every single thing we did, so I will list just them, and you can go see for yourself.

Monticello, Old Jamestown, Historic Williamsburg including The Governors Palace and The Capitol, Yorktown Battlefield, Norfolk cruise on the Victory Rover, Williamsburg Freedom Park and Botanical Garden. All good choices. For food try Trellis, Aberdeen Barn, Giuseppes, Smoky Griddle Pancakes House, and Kings Arm Tavern. Do not go to Captain Georges, unless you really like rude and ill trained staff, high prices, and endless seafood buffet. We walked out of that place.

There are endless choices of historical sites here, hiking, golf courses, food venues, and even a Busch Gardens, if that is your thing. Virginia is beautiful, the people are nice.

I would go there again.