While we were in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico in November of 2016 one of my hiking adventures took me to Nacapule Canyon. I had a borrowed car, and I drove myself out there one morning from our hotel.Sign

Nacapule is a park, and there was some kind of entrance fee. I use pesos while in Mexico, so by buying money at  the real exchange rate versus the tourist rate, and paying cash, things are really cheap by our standards in this area. Not like Cabo or Cancun.

Anyway, off I went, up a rocky canyon. The trail is vague to non-existent in places. The views are spectacular. Mostly rock and bigger rock.Nacapule Sign

This sign is pretty ominous, don’t you think? I saw it near the beginning, and I showed it to my wife later, just to scare her. It is really in regard to the zip lines that criss-cross the canyon near the trail head, but they are kind of appropriate to the whole experience. When I came out later, there was a busload of teen age people enjoying the zip line experience.

After some time working up through an at this time dry stream bed, I came to this. That is about twelve or fifteen feet of smooth rock. Hee hee. Good times.

Nacapule ladder

Above that, the trail is really a series of rock ledges. I really can’t even describe the amazing beauty of this place. I only saw a small part of it. Being alone, and seeing no other people around, discretion became the better part of valor, or however that saying goes, and I did not venture as far or  as wide as I really wanted to.


My car is parked out there in the flat area past the notch. Also, let me say, if a thunderstorm came while you were in here, you might well be screwed.Nacapule Cliff

I really, really want to go to this place again some day, but it is unlikely that will ever happen. So let me add my voice to the resounding cacophony we have all heard all of our lives, and likely ignored, or pushed to the side because it interferes with our “lives”: Make the most of every day, and every opportunity. You may never pass this way again. It is true. Curses, it is true.

Viva Nacapule!