In early November of 2016 we had the privilege of visiting a place in Mexico called San Carlos, in the state of Sonora. We stayed at the San Carlos Beach Club on The Sea of Cortez. I cannot even begin to describe the beauty of this area, or the peaceful detachment from “the world” that we enjoyed while there. I will describe one of the hikes that I took while there. Of course, I was up with the sun everyday, and got in a few miles first thing, savoring the smell of the desert at sunrise.

Beach Club

This is the view from our room. We enjoyed seeing Orcas and Porpoises right out side of our window, especially at night. Pelicans are pretty interesting to watch as well. I kayaked around that point with friends one day, in 2′ seas, which was a little scary.marines

These guys were at our hotel one afternoon, which frightened my wife a little. To get to San Carlos, you can drive from Arizona, which I wouldn’t recommend right now. But we met people who do it. We flew to Hermosillo, and a friend picked us up and drove us the 90 miles to San Carlos. We took a cab back when we departed, which was interesting. If you have never driven in Mexico, you are in for a treat.

Near our hotel was Tetakawi. There are  a couple of paths you can take here. I chose the “front”, and set off to see the saddle between the two rock summits. Scaling those is more of a climbing effort, and not recommended for amateurs or by your self.Tetakawi Trail Head

The trail is rock, big rocks, dirt, litter,  and cacti. I love the desert, so the smells and the views were just amazing to me. This was just a couple of hours up and back, as I remember.Tetakawi View

Our hotel is over there near the beach, and I am parked on that road to the right. Amazing.

I had a  borrowed car and drove myself while on this trip, which is something I have never done in Mexico. San Carlos is pretty quiet, not much traffic, so no big deal really.

We enjoyed local food and music most nights. The sunset from the Soggy Peso is one of the local highlights. On US Election eve, we went to J.J.’s Tacos. He makes the best tacos de camarones on earth. The beer is very cold. Heaven. JJ also sells crap, really tacky tourista items, that he seems to think are funny. He is also a very warm and welcoming host. I wish I could go there everyday. As the evening went on, we all noticed that we were clandestinely checking our phones for the US election results. Even though we all had pledged not to.JJs

We eventually went back to our friends home, above the bay, and enjoyed a cigar, a beer, the night sounds of the ocean, and watched the results on a television internet feed from Tuscon.

I hold this hike, and this trip altogether, as one of the best weeks of my life. Ever. I would give anything to be at J.J.’s right now. Or hiking Tetakawi.