Stories from a Boy in Iowa

If you follow me here, you already know that I published a Kindle E Book a few months ago. It was a real thrill to see two people beside my self and my wife purchase this little gem for $1.09. I actually got a deposit from Amazon last month for the 4 copies sold in December. Kind of fun.

But today I noticed that someone purchased a copy last week. Thank you so much. It is truly an honor and a little thrill for me when that happens.

Writing here is something that I originally told myself I was doing just for me, and I didn’t care if anyone else read it. It is safe to say that that is total BS. If no one reads this, then I don’t care if I do it. That is the truth.

So thank you, whoever you are, for buying my little book. And thank all of you that do read me. I promise there will be more great adventures to come!


Stories From a Boy in Iowa. No e-reader is complete with out it.