Jackson Road Trailhead

This is a re-post from April of 2018. Reality is the weather around here just isn’t that good for hiking, for me anyway. I have been getting my miles around town, and at some local parks. Nothing really new to talk about, so I am opting for re-runs instead. I did get one leg on The Knobstone back in January, and I expect to be back at it next month.

This was my second leg on the Knobstone Trail. My plan was to walk out to Mile 6, then back to Mile 4, then back to the Jackson Road Trail head. On April 21st I set off  to do just that. From the parking area I walked down a steep hill to reach the actual trail. Going straight down right off the bat is never a good sign. When I reached the bottom, I decided to skip going out to Mile 6 or beyond, and headed for Mile 4. This meant now turning and starting up the other side of the original Pit of Misery. Really steep, and poorly constructed. I eventually reached the top. 1.25 miles, 1 hour, and I can still see my truck.

Jackson Truck


But hey, I’m on my way now. Down a little hill, across a road, and and there it is. The Second Pit of Hell. Down I went. At the bottom was one of the few places where I have ever seen water on this trail so far. Then up I went again. From Mile 5 to 4 was easy and really a nice view. Along the trail there was what appeared to be a Sasquatch shelter. I know you are laughing right now, but remember, I seldom see other people on this trail, and I was already near exhaustion. I started getting that creepy someone is watching me feeling. After I reached my goal at Mile 4, I headed back.

Just past Mile 5 the trail used to go out to a road. I was able to find that relatively easily, and I took the old route back to the truck. When I got to the truck I started to have the brilliant idea of dropping back into the Pit of Misery and getting another two miles in. Then I got in my truck and went home. Not my best day on the trail.

Again, this is not an easy trail. I have hiked in the mountains at elevation, so I have some idea of level of difficulty. Of course the age and IQ factor come into play as well. Save this section for a day you are feeling really strong.

Jackson ElJackson Map