Loose Ends

It is early February. It is 52 degrees Fahrenheit outside. I really want to be on a woodsy trail. But it is much to muddy and squishy for the woods right now. We had a nice snow storm this week, and it was well below zero just a few days ago. All of that makes a lot of  slippery mud.

So I got my miles yesterday and today on the streets in my little town. That is not a bad thing either. There is a lot to see. We have a lot of fowl on the lake right now, including ducks, Canada Goose, and some other geese that I do not know for sure what they are. We used to call them Blue Geese or Cackling Geese. I also saw some Sandhill Cranes today, and a Golden Eagle.

I was out of town this week for a funeral, so I worked Monday and Friday only. All of the unusual things  in my schedule, traveling out of state, a blizzard on the way home at midnight, and now April weather  have kind of put me at loose ends today.