First Snow

Today we had our first winter snow. On January 12th. That is not a bad thing. It came on a Saturday as well. Beautiful. I was the first one down the trail at Koteewi. A lot different conditions than last weekend on the Knobstone. But the first snow is always exciting.


I started off, ignoring the trail closed sign, like I always do. Right away I hit ice under the three inches of fresh snow where the trail had been flooded and frozen. I engaged in some extremely inspired, if somewhat amateurish,  ice dancing, and made my way past the hazard. I encountered two nice people further on, who I warned about the ice. I imagine they were sorry they missed my performance.

My intent today was the north side and south side main trails, which is about 7 miles. As I entered the open homestretch of the north side loop, I again hit a patch of deviously concealed ice underneath the fresh snow. This time I was not graceful, and I went right down with an “oooofffff”. No one around to see it, so it didn’t really happen. But I did decide to call it a walk when I got to the parking area shortly after.

I knew I had snow removal at home to look forward to, and so it was easy to count it as a days exercise, all included. 2 miles is not much, but in snow, with a couple of aerobic moments thrown in, I thought I was good for today.