So, here we go. A new year. A chance to write the date wrong for weeks to come. An excuse to say we are going to do things differently or change things about ourselves that we could have done on any day of the perfectly good year of 2018. Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with change or the setting of goals. It is just fun to watch others do it.

Today, to start off 2019 correctly, I took a walk around our little town. I took my time, and looked around at things. I inspected the Facade Improvement work that is going on. I am not sure what the plan is, or who is leading the effort, but it seems very haphazard so far. And with a lot of questionable safety issues to boot. Like silica dust safety, fall hazard measures, falling object protection, and so on. Those fine gentlemen were standing around shooting the baloney, so apparently they were planning to work today.

I never say shooting the baloney. And I have never heard anyone say it until a book I read recently. The author used the term a lot. I will never use it again. It doesn’t make sense.

I stopped and looked at the lake for awhile, twice, from the pedestrian walkway. One of the good things that happened in 2018 is that The Boathouse Kitchen & Swan Dive opened. It is great to have a business back in that location. And it is a good business. I look forward to cocktails on the veranda next summer.

Another thing that happened is that all of the giant maple trees on East Jackson were cut down. The sidewalks there are in horrible condition, and I understand they are to be replaced. I hope they replace the trees too, maybe with some columnar Oaks, in the parkway. I hope the people that let their dog poop on the crummy sidewalk in front of their house become so excited about the new sidewalks that they take pride in themselves and our town and start picking up the poop. Ha. While we are hoping, I hope I win the lottery too.

Nice morning, nice walk, nice chatting with you! Have a great day!