Carmel Monon

This weekend I walked on the Monon from W Main Street in Carmel to Central Park on Saturday, and from Central Park to 91st Street on Sunday.

Saturday it was pretty warm and cloudy. This was really pretty boring as walking goes, but Carmel has it going on. There is a Christmas Market near The Paladium. There was a run going on. They have trail access, and parks. There are intermediate walking trails as well. Really a nice place. Lots of people on the trail too. Not really any wildlife or nature to speak of, but nice. There is a water park, skate park, wildlife area, and a community center all at Central park.Downtown

Sunday I started form Central Park and went out of Carmel into Indianapolis at 91st Street. This part is really dull, but it was a nice morning, sunny, and there were lots of nice people walking. So I got my miles in, but I didn’t really get any thrills. Central park