Out of Westfield

Today I went south from 146th Street on the Monon, into the heart of Carmel. I parked at Whole Paycheck again, and it was also really cold again. But calm and clear today.

The amount of sound generated by a steady stream of traffic at 45 miles per hour, on a frozen road, is amazing. You have to get right there next to it to really appreciate it. I did this along 146th for a ways. We are a noisy bunch.

There is a public parking area just south of 146th, on Rohrer Road. There are even restrooms there. Good to know. This section, south to West Main in Carmel, is mostly urban, but woodsy, and typical of the Monon Greenway as I know it so far.

There were a few of the typical birds, and some ducks. Also a squirrel or two. And a few people. And some guys putting fiber cement siding on a new house.

That is really all I have for today. Not really that exciting. I really look forward to the baby bobcats, or the rude dogs, or some other event to spice up our interaction, you and I. I am going to keep working on the Monon for awhile. Hopefully some crazy stuff will happen, so that I don’t have to start making things up!