On and On, Monon

Today I went for another leg on the Monon. My effort started out like usual for this trail, reconnoitering for a parking place. I ended up parking at Clay Terrace behind Whole Foods, and off I went. West along 146th to a nice bridge where the trail crosses.

Flat, straight, paved. But you already know that. I headed north toward 161st Street, where I had turned back last weekend. This section is all urban, through backyards, but it is mostly wooded and really pretty quiet. I was surprised at how many other walkers, runners, and even riders I saw. It was 19 degrees Fahrenheit. Cloudy and calm.

I  enjoyed seeing some blue birds, which surprised me a little. I also saw Blue Jays, Cardinals, and miscellaneous little birdies. The biggest news is that I finally saw public access parking. There are two spots to park at 156th Street, and an actual parking lot at Greyhound Pass. Remember, from Sheridan all the way to 161st these are only parking areas that I have seen except at Grand Park. There were also some nice people with a fancy little cart full of pictures and brochures who wanted to tell you all about their religion if you were interested. We are going to talk a little about that soon, when I finish the book I am now reading.

When I was done walking, I decided to do a little grocery shopping. I usually go to Fresh Thyme, but since I was parked at Whole Foods, I thought why not change it up. By the time I was loading my one and one half bags of groceries worth $150.00 I remembered why not. They don’t call this place Whole Paycheck for no reason.

Tomorrow I will go south from 146th. This begins the Carmel ( kar-muhl) section of the trail. Oh yes, by the way, Thank You to the two people, other than my wife and myself, who bought my book of short stories on its first day in “print”.  So exciting.Screenshot_20181208-111033_Samsung Health