Westfield Monon

Quaker Park Sign

Sunday was the next leg of the Monon, from SR 32 in Westfield, heading south. I spent a half an hour driving around in a business park trying to find a place to park. I am even more baffled by the public access to this public trail than ever. From Sheridan all the way to 161st Street there are two parking areas, and those may or may not really be legal.  I will admit, there were empty business lots I could have parked in, but they all had signs threatening to tow me if I parked there. I am a rules guy, believe it or not, so I honored their kind requests. I finally found Quaker Park, which had access to The Midland Trace Trail, which connected me to The Monon.

Quaker Park has a lot of rules, as you can see, and they also have a Bocce court, and a splash pad for the summer. Nice. Good job, Westfield. Plant some trees, and you are there.

This leg is through a business park, some neighborhoods, and some apartments. Lots of traffic noise of course, being right next to US31. As I get closer to more people, there are of course, more walkers, bikers, and runners on the path. Flat and mostly straight. But you know that.

I did see a really big oak tree in a little patch of woods. It was obviously there long before any of it’s neighbors. A few ducks. That was about it. It’s winter. Smart critters are south or sleeping. But not me. Although, I will say, it was over 50 degrees Sunday.Quaker Park