Grand Park

Today I started at Grand Park on 191st Street in Westfield.  I have already gone north from here, so south I went. It started off like all of the rest of the Monon Trail, but soon I was just on a paved path by the side of the road, going through some empty fields. Really boring. I went down to the point the trail is blocked by a crane near SR32, then turned back.

In order to make this section more interesting, I cut off into Grand Park. Grand Park is hundreds of acres of baseball diamonds, softball diamonds, and soccer fields. It is closed for the winter. There is also an enormous field house. The Indianapolis Colts held their training camp here this year. The place is called Grand Park because you go there to watch your Grand kids play ball, and to spend grand amounts of money on hot dogs and beverages.

If you have ever been there, then you know that there is a shortage of shade structures. And there is not one tree anywhere. I observed that there is, in fact, a lot of room for trees to be planted here. I imagine the people who are charged with maintaining this place do not want trees. They would have to water them, mow around them, and manage all those leaves every autumn. But I think it would be amazing to add several thousand trees, and all of that shade, to what is billed as a park. Not being a resident of Westfield, I most likely do not have a say in the matter, but I may call the Mayor anyway, just to see what I can do.

I have now covered The Monon from Sheridan to SR 32! Good times.Grand park

Being as the first section of walking was so boring today, and treeless, I went on to Macgregor Park on my way back to see some trees. No one else was there when I arrived, and I made a loop all by myself.


I love the ornaments on the pine tree in the woods. I decorated a tree at Koteewi along the trail myself last year. I did go pick it all up after Christmas, in case you are thinking this is kind of like littering. I have had that thought myself before, but then I said “Self, lighten up”.