Cold November

This weekend I took a couple of nice walks.

Saturday I went to Kootewi. I had the place to myself, except for a lot of deer. The fuzzy hood ornaments were everywhere, which I assume was because they all had read the guidebook and knew it was opening day of Indiana Gun Deer Hunting season.Deer

I walked up pretty close to several of them, which tells me they are unaware of the number of their ancestors I have killed and eaten. Or they were plotting revenge. They all seemed pretty healthy and happy just being deer, living in a county park. I walked over the last little bit of these trails that I had never been on here, and some I had.


Sunday I went to Hortonville to fill in the gap on the Monon between Sheridan and Grand Park. Since this public trail has no public access points in this 6 mile stretch, I stealth parked in Chatham Hills, a gated community. The gates are all open, I assume because there is still so much construction going on. Or the gates are for looks and wouldn’t really work anyway? There is a little playground way in the back by the trail, and I parked there.

Shortly after starting out, I ran into Chelsea the Chicken Lady of Hortonville. She was out back of her immaculate double wide hanging laundry and feeding chickens. With a cigarette sticking out of her face. Her lovely dogs of course accosted me, and what did she say as they charged at me, barking viciously? You already know. She said ” They won’t hurt you . They just like to bark.” I saved the witty replies I normally use in this situation for another day. I do not think Chelsea the Chicken Lady would have appreciated the depth of my wittiness.

On the way back, again near Hortonville, I encountered a flock of Guinea Fowl, which was mildly entertaining.

Like all of the Monon, this is a flat, straight, paved rail trail. Almost no people. A really nice, brisk walk on a cold November day. The trail crosses several roads. These are all high speed country roads, so use caution. I would like to bike this sometime when it is a little warmer.