Mr. Key

I recently read a couple of books by a guy named Harrison Scott Key. The first book was about his life growing up in Mississippi mostly. Maybe you read it. It was a bestseller I think, and won some awards. The second one was a book about everything that happened on his journey to write the first book, and what happened after he wrote it.

The guy can be funny, and he uses a lot of big words that I have to look up, so I like that part. He goes on and on about all this emotional turmoil involved in nurturing his dream, writing truthfully about family members, and serving the machine that published his book. Again, often funny, sometimes thought provoking.

The thoughts it provoked in me were some I have already considered about writing the truth, and not writing it if I am concerned about how it will make someone I know, and or care, about feel. Because if you alter the truth to serve feelings, then it is not the truth.

So, Mr. Key, decide if it is the truth, and if you want to tell it as such, then do it, and stop looking back. No whiners, buddy.