More Kootewi

This morning I went out in to the sunny, 21 degree air to explore a newer part of Kootewi Park. If you read here often, you already know about this place. Or some of it. The County recently put up a lot of big metal signs to help you find your way around the roads, and get you into the area you want to be in. There is now a place to rent horses, and a sliding hill with a tow rope, and an archery range. And a thing called “Ariel Adventure”, which I think is zip lines and rope bridges and such through the tree tops.

But I came here to walk. And walk I did. I started from the parking lot off of Essig Avenue, near the sliding hill. I was soon out into a section of trail I have been on many times. And one thing has not changed. There was dog poop everywhere. Where does all of this poop come from? I did a loop and then veered into a section of trail that until recently did not exist. It meanders through a previously off limits area that contained a working gravel pit.

That pit is now a nice, little lake, or a lovely, huge pond. Whichever is technically correct. There are improvements being made that include a dock and boat launch, new parking area, a shelter of some kind, and additional trails. Nice. I saw one deer, and it saw me. And only one other walker, and one guy fishing.

On my way home I purchased a Sunday paper for my wife, because she likes to look for toys to buy for Grand Children in the advertisements. I often suggest that they don’t need more toys, and the money would be better used in their college savings accounts, but she buys them toys. In that Sunday paper was an article about Kootewi. Apparently the Hamilton County Tourism Board spent one half of one million dollars this year on television advertising in the Chicago area to entice people to Hamilton County, especially Kooteewi, the Monon Greenway, and other Hamilton County attractions.

This raised the question in my mind, “does this possibly explain all of the poop on the trails?” I thought about that until the Colt’s game came on.

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