Crispy and Crunchy


This weekend, Saturday morning, was a perfect morning. 32 degrees, calm, and sunny.  Crispy. I set out for a little walk around town. The fall color was at it’s best, and I had a nice walk. You’ve all seen this route, so I won’t go into it. The only thing remarkable I saw, outside of the absolute stunning beauty of a sunny November morning, was the people standing in the middle of the road at our only stop light, begging for money for some fine cause. I do not understand this behavior. Standing in the middle of the most congested, dangerous area of this town’s streets. Seems rather stupid to me.


Sunday morning was at least ten degrees warmer, but not quite as sunny. I drove to Grand park in Westfield and set out on the Monon Trail going north. The Monon is a rail trail, straight, flat, and paved. This section is new this year, and really nice. The trees along here have dropped a lot of their leaves onto the path, so it was crunchy.

The trail passes through fields and a lot of back yards of new subdivisions. I saw a sign that I found kind of funny.


These fine people built a beautiful little bridge in order that they can come out of their backyard and access the trail that was built with public money, for public use. But they are unwilling to share their own little slice of heaven, or rather Westfield,  with us who pass by. I thought about that a lot while I walked on.

I eventually passed by some older homes and yards. At two miles I turned back. This leaves a gap of about two miles from today’s turn around and where I turned around this summer when I walked south from Sheridan. That is a small problem. Other than where I started today, and where I started before at Sheridan’s park, I saw no public parking areas to serve this trail. I find that interesting, that all of this effort and money is being spent to provide this nice trail, but their is not really a lot of public access. Maybe the guy with the sign knows something I do not.

I hope to connect these two dots soon. I have been having a little problem with sciatica that may limit me somewhat until I figure it out. So the Monon may get more attention this winter than the Knobstone does.