Hague Sign

Today I started off at a new park called Hague Road Nature Haven. It is really a field with a small parking area, and a short trail through the woods, along the banks of Cicero Creek. The trail is really pretty right now with overhanging trees in fall colors. The trail is dirt, and grass. hague Treees

I see by the Noblesville Park’s website that there are plans to develop this further. Traffic noise is really bad here. Good is that you could actually cross Hague Road and be on the trail that connects to Forest Park, Potter’s Bridge, and all of that. That is pretty cool.

Next I went on to Macgregor Park. After two weeks of complaining that we really don’t have very good color this fall, we do have good color. Who says you can complain but it won’t do any good?Mac Trees

Today appeared to be National Fall Family Portrait Day. The woods and fields were full of families being herded by photographers with camera equipment and pre-arranged sets of straw and pumpkins. I hope the lady at Hague Road picks that stuff up when she’s done.

I set off at a brisk pace, but I had to stop to admire the foliage several times.  You cannot avoid the traffic noise here either. It appears to me that semi truck drivers strive to make their tractors as loud as possible, and then engage in some kind of communication with one and other using their loud exhaust systems. I will study this phenomenon at another time perhaps. But I heard enough of it for today here.

mac trees 2

As I rounded the back corner of the loop and turned toward the parking lot another familiar sound assaulted my ears. A gas powered leaf blower. In the woods. Seriously.

I have a neighbor who’s primary driving factor in decisions regarding the purchase of power lawn equipment is that it must be the loudest model available for each purpose.

A young lady was blowing the leaves off of the trail. In the woods. Another person was pulling a wagon. And a third obnoxiously vocal young man was tagging along. I believe they were arranging nature to be the way they wanted it to appear for the man who was coming up the trail with a tripod and a camera. Interesting.

I went home.