Ghosts of Cicero

Many of you have heard about, or even seen, the ghost of John Dillinger and his friends lurking about the Roads Hotel in Atlanta. Or perhaps you have seen them peering from the small windows of the inaccessible top floor of the Knights of Pythias building at the corner of Jackson street and SR 19, high above what is now 10 west. And everyone knows there was once an ax murder in the house on the southeast corner of Jackson Street and SR 19 as well. But Cicero is home to at least two other restless spirits.

On almost any fall or winter night you may venture to the railroad tracks south of Brinton between Grissom estates and the NRP property. If you are quiet enough, and lucky enough, you may run into Jackson.

Jackson still rides the trains up and down that line when they pass, and he is said to have a big gun in his possession, although he seems non-threatening enough. He has befriended several young people who have lived in the apartments along the tracks, and never shown any ill intent toward them. But whenever their parents go out to investigate the validity of their story, Jackson is nowhere to be found. And how many times have you heard the train whistle at odd hours, but never seen a train go by?

Another Ciceronian spirit is that of a young girl, perhaps around 12, who moves through the woods and yards around Hidden Bay on her way to the Cicero Cemetery. She is said to be traveling from her home in an old trailer to visit the grave of her grandmother in the graveyard. It is rumored, although unsubstantiated, that her step father killed her mother and grandmother in a farmhouse that stood on the site of Hidden Bay years ago. No one knows her name, but during the late evening she can often be observed wandering among the graves in the older part of the cemetery. The best way to see her is said to be from a quiet hiding spot among the White Pines that line the back of the cemetery. In the winter you can see her footprints in the early morning if there is snow on the ground. But they always disappear with the rising sun.

Yes, Cicero seems to be fairly rich in creepy, but friendly, spirits like these.