Ritchey Woods

Sunday morning I tried a new trail. Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve in Fishers. I have driven past here a thousand times, but this was my first walk there.

Nature Preserve is a stretch. Woods is true. But there are very few trees in here that are older than I am. The pioneer families buried in here obviously cleared this land once upon a time. At some point this little piece of Fishers was allowed to grow back. There is very little under growth, so you can really enjoy the view of the trunks and the canopy above. I really like that. The trails are almost all dirt and roots, and I really like that too. You would have to go over the same ground more than once to really get any miles here, but that’s o.k. sometimes.

Noise. This place is noisy. Adjacent businesses are an airport, with jet access, and a kennel, with a lot of dogs in it. And you are in the middle of Fishers, so car hum is constant. It was Sunday morning too, so I can’t imagine the noise level on say a Wednesday afternoon.


Rules. Wow, there are a lot of rules here. This is only a sampling of the signs reminding you not to pick mushrooms, collect leaves, smoke, or otherwise go completely wild. It seems to me like they might as well have made one more rule: No dogs. I was accosted by two of the frothing, inbred, ill mannered beasts today. Tugging at their leash so hard they were choking themselves in an effort to sniff my legs or jump on me or something. Dogs must really love me. I really love them when they are well mannered, quiet, and stand-offish.

This is a great city park, and I recommend a visit  to check this place out. Like I said, “Preserve” may be a a stretch, but nonetheless it is a nice park.

Ritchey Woods