Change of Plans

Saturday my plan was to go to the Knobstone and walk out to MM 21. I got up at 5:00 AM and left for the 2 hour drive. But my truck has been having an issue with the climate control fan. It doesn’t work often. So I could defog my windshield. While I was pupping gas I realized it was time to address the issue. So I went home and did some research.

Friday I had looked at a couple of trucks, and I was thinking I would go buy one of them today. But first I double checked at some other dealers websites. Then I cleaned out my truck, and headed for Tipton to start my search.

I ended up purchasing a truck at Dan Young GMC. I have done business there before, and the owner is my neighbor. They treated me really well. Great people. So I lost my hiking day, but I resolved an issue I had been avoiding.

So Sunday I took a walk around my little town again. The first hour or two of daylight on a Sunday in a small town, or lots of other places I’m sure, is just a really nice time to be out. What a beautiful morning. There was an enormous beaver swimming in the lake. You do not see that everyday.Beaver

The trees and flowers just look amazing right now, even though it is the last day of September. Nothing , outside of the giant beaver, remarkable happened. It was just a nice morning. It made up for my disappointment yesterday at missing a day on the trail.Sunday