Sunday Morning

Today is Sunday. It is the day after 10 miles on the Knobstone. So I am a little sore and tired. But I went out to Kooteewi for a little stroll anyway, just to try and loosen up. It was a beautiful, cool morning and I walked a couple of miles. The native grasses have responded well to the spring burn. But I didn’t see any Goldfinches.

I find myself feeling an obligation to this blog, and to keeping you interested in reading it. Because that is why I do it. Write the blog, not walk. I am going to fight that urge, and hence not waste your time, with inconsequential blah. Of course, maybe you think this whole thing is such.

Anyway, I will not write about these little repetitive walks anymore, unless something of interest happens. No offense. I respect your time too.

Have a great day. I am off to the Knobstone again Saturday.   And to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in October. So we will surely have some fun then!