Forest Park West

Today is the 16th of September. The weather is still pretty hot. I took my walk starting at Forest park in Noblesville. I went to the west, across the rail road. This is a paved trail, and it passes through some back yards, and goes along some roads. I have been here before.

But today I crossed Hague Road and went to the south. The trail turns away from the road and goes into the woods. What a great surprise. Absolutely beautiful. A bridge over Cicero Creek, and then along the creek for a ways, until the trail ends at a neighborhood.

I really enjoyed this walk. The fact that this is all interconnected from Potter’s Bridge to Forest Park to Downtown Noblesville to these neighborhoods says a lot for whoever is responsible for planning and building these trails. It will be great if we ever get the section from Cicero along Stringtown/Hague connected to them.

Forest Park

It was a sad day though. When I returned home, I retired my favorite pair of boots. Fortunately, I have a new pair of Danner’s that are very similar broken in. And I can still buy this model as well. Next Saturday I am back on the Knobstone Trail.