Let It Be



This morning I set out to walk around our little town. It is a great place to live. Kind of quiet most of the time. The trees hanging over the street in this painting are gone now. The town fathers cut them down to make way for the sidewalk repairs. We have a stop light. Just one. It is nice to live where you only need one.  Although some people think we need two.


stop light

As I made my way along, enjoying a beautiful morning, I stopped to take pictures of some morning glories, and other flowers. Then I started taking pictures of the dozens of camper trailers, boat trailers, work trailers, and general crap people have in and around their yards. My intent was to share these pictures, along with my opinion about it, with the Town Council. There has been some debate about this problem, but our local government as a general rule usually lacks the ability to actually take any action if there is any controversy at all. I have served on the Board of Zoning Appeals, and I ran for Council once. I also volunteer for various things, so I feel like I do have license to expound on these subjects.

Of course my walk was long, and as usual my mind had plenty of time to ponder this subject. Humans tend to want things the way they think it should be, and it is hard for us to see anything from some one else’s perspective. Someone who feels just as strongly another way than we do.

I passed by out town pool. It is closed. It is only open for about 50 or 60 days per year. Really kind of silly. I could go on about that, but I won’t.pool

I stopped in Red Bridge Park and sat on a swing, under an arbor. An Eagle Scout built it as his community service project. It was really peaceful, and I could look all around the park, and across the lake into town.  I stopped to talk to the parks director, and then one of our council members. I know, I am not making very good time of this work out now.  As I finally got started  again on the last leg of my walk, and tried to wrap up my feelings about the junk parked all over town and what I wanted to do about it, the words from a song by those Beatles came to mind, and I knew what I wanted to do.

Let It Be.