When I was in 4th grade my friends and I had a hobby we all shared. We would send a letter away to companies that sold car parts and accessories. Like STP and Wynn and such. We collected all of these stickers and decals, and we spent time together comparing each others collections. Sometimes you had to send 25 cents, and maybe a self addressed stamped envelope. We would pore through Hot Rod magazine looking for addresses. We also built model cars that you glued together and painted yourself.

In Urbandale there was an ice arena. They had concerts there, and there was a hockey team too. Massey Ferguson was an employer in the area, and some Canadians moved to our town. Hockey was important. Ted Nugent and The Amboy Dukes played there once. We would go ice skating there too.

Our fourth grade teacher started a photography club for us. We went to the state capitol building and took pictures. We would develop these our selves in his dark room. Once he showed us a picture of a naked lady he had taken. I wondered if it was his wife when they were younger.

A car show came to the ice arena. Our club went to the show and we took pictures of the cars. Then we went to his house to develop them. This was an interesting process involving special paper and chemicals and several steps. No one does that anymore. This was sure a different time. It is hard to imagine several parents allowing their 9 year old sons to spend time in a grown man’s basement in a dark room now, isn’t it?