Rainy Day

Today I first went to walk another piece of the Midland Trace Trail. I started at the parking area on Hazel Dell Parkway. I walked east on a newly opened section toward Noblesville. It is woodsy like the other parts of this trail, but it also goes through backyards and near some industrial areas. It is flat and paved.

It was a rainy day as well. The new section is only one mile, so I was back to the starting point pretty quickly. And the raincoat I have carried around in my pack for several years turned out to be really just a suggestion that you might be dry if it didn’t actually rain.

Next I drove to Cool Creek Park in Westfield.  When I got there it was really raining. What a great park. It is right across from a Wal-Mart, and close to US 31. But wow. Mostly dirt trails, some paved areas, some really slippery wooden bridges, and a lot of big trees and greeness.

The woods were absolutely magical with the rain coming down. My coat was now just an excuse for a raincoat, but none the less I enjoyed a walk through these woods. I was actually not the only person walking there in the rain, which I found a bit of a surprise. In a good way. It was actually hard to believe I was so close to highways and strip malls while walking here.

I will go here again, and tell you more about it. Nice place.MidlandCool Creek