Sheridan Monon

Today I decided to try a piece of the Monon Trail. If you live around here, you know about it. I have walked parts of it before. It is a very busy place. But I went to the northern end in Sheridan to try it from a different angle.

It is a Rail Trail.  I parked just west of Sheridan Community Park and set out. It is all paved of course. Mostly tree lined, very flat and straight. You do not cross many roads out here. There were quite a few bicycles, and just a couple of walkers.Monon

It was a beautiful mourning. I encountered quite a few song birds. Specifically, Blue Jays, Cat Birds, and Mockingbirds. There were others I didn’t know. There are squirrels here too. Mostly the Red Squirrel, and some Fox Squirrels too.

This stretch also demonstrates the damage the Emerald Ash Borer is doing to Indiana forests. A lot of dead Ash trees.

I did notice there was no parking area at the 226th or 221st Street crossings. I am not sure how you access this part of the trail other than Sheridan. I will have to look into that for next time.  It would sure be nice if they made these trails wider, or ran a dirt path next to the pavement. I was brushed by several bikes. Really for no reason as there was plenty of room. But I am sure the bikers view us walkers as a pain in the rear too. I may bike this next time to reconnoiter the access points farther south.

This is a good section of trail.Sheridan