Keewasaki Trail

Sunday I drove top Thorntown to try  a little piece of a trail known as The Big Four Trail, or the Farm Heritage Trail. It depends on where you read about it.

It took a long time to get there, because every road in Indiana is under construction at the same time. I eventually got to Lions Park in Thorntown. This little leg is also called the Keewasaki Trail. Plenty of names for this thing, right?

I set out on a wide, paved trail. It is a rail trail, so it is as flat as an iron and as straight as a preacher. The first person on a trail each morning gets to collect all of the spider webs from the night before. That was me today.

Thorntown appears to really love their chickens, by the way. Lots of chicken noises going on. The trail is lined with brush and trees on both sides, and elevated. Not much view. At nine tenths of a mile the pavement ended, and I was on dirt. Yes. Much better.

At one mile the trail ends and now I am just freebooting on an overgrown, abandoned rail road bed. I did that for awhile, gathering more spider webs, burrs, and pollen. Then I turned back.

I saw no people, no trash, and no poop. I also saw no wildlife. But I heard chickens. This one didn’t do much for me. I think I will try a different section tomorrow, maybe around Lebanon.Keewasaki