Mounds State Park

I do not go to Anderson by choice usually, unless the casino is calling me. But today I took a walk there at Mounds State Park. What a pleasant surprise.

The trails are stone, dirt, mud, and roots. Perfect! The terrain ranges from flat to moderate hills, and some really steep sections as well. The Indiana State Parks love to build wooden steps, walkways, and ladders out in the woods. These things are slippery when wet for sure. Beware. The main trails are nice and wide, but the intermittent trails can be just narrow dirt paths. Again, perfect!steps

I seek solitude and quiet usually when I walk. You won’t get that here. There is a campground full of little houses on wheels. I stayed away from that end of the property. But also lots of other walkers and runners. Bicycles and horses are not allowed.

This place is a tree museum. Thick mature forest with some of the biggest trees I have ever seen in Indiana. And a variety that includes many I didn’t recognize. I noticed there didn’t seem to be many songbirds. I did hear a Pileated Woodpecker call. I saw one deer, which pretended like it was invisible while I took it’s picture.


On one particularly steep section I was reminded of the great man, Kieth Jensen. He once said to me, while we were standing knee deep in mud on the side of a mountain in Wyoming, in a snow storm, resting during a tail hold up the trail, with a frozen snot sickle hanging off of his nose,” That will get the whiskey and cigarettes out of you”. A tail hold is when you get off of your horse, grasp it’s halter in one hand, and the tail of the horse in front of you in the other, and let them pull you up the mountain. When they take off you stretch like Gumby for a minute between them. When they stop you get smashed into the giant horses ass ahead of you. It is really fun. It is important to note I was around 40 years old at that time, and Mr. Jensen was literally twice my age.

I plan to return here for more. I think it is a six mile loop around the perimeter. And I imagine this place to be outstanding when the fall colors arrive, and the campers maybe leave? I am looking forward to that.

path 1