Macgregor Park

Saturday was my 60th Birthday, as you know. I started out the day with a nice walk at Macgregor Park in Westfield.  It was a little foggy around 7:00 AM when I set out. I really like the trail here as it is all crushed stone or dirt. Very quiet and very green.


I spent my time enjoying the scenery and solitude, and pondering how humans divide ourselves into groups that most closely share our interests, and then try to force our beliefs, wants, will, etc. on all of the other groups we encounter. I won’t go into the giant rant that started going around in my head, but it was all summed up by the unleashed dog I encountered. Big dog. The dog made a beeline for me while I told the owner I didn’t want his dog near me. He of course said the dog wouldn’t do anything, to which I always reply “Thats what everybody says right before their dog bites someone”, at which time the giant frothing beast jumped up on me a licked me. I shared my feelings with them both about their rudeness. The dog didn’t care. When I got home I told my wife the story, and then we laughed at the thought that he was probably telling his wife at that very moment about the asshat he ran into at the park.

There are some informational signs along the trail, and there is some fake information on some of them.

deer sign

This one shows some kind of European Red Stag or Roe Deer. These deer do not come to Macgregor park. I walked another 100 feet, and there was a real Whitetail Deer standing there.


I wondered if she was offended by the incorrect depiction of her species on the sign Then I wondered if she was a park employee, paid to stand near the sign. Further on there is another sign that says deer on it. That is a Pronghorn Antelope, which is not a deer, or an Antelope, and does not live anywhere around this area.

deer pronhorn

This was a great walk, but I have to retrace my steps to get the miles I want. But it is beautiful here, and it’s my new favorite since Kootewi has turned into a barnyard.

When I got home, I decided to make it a Biathlon and jumped on my bicycle. I took a nice ride around parts of Cicero and enjoyed the cooler overcast morning. Take a look at how I roll.


Vintage Schwinn Continental, about 1972, with a sticker from a bike shop in Traverse City on it. Having lived in Michigan for many years, I like that part. What a great morning!

bike ride