Until I was 30 or 35, I believed I would not live to be 30. ( I will explain how I do math some other time). Once I passed one of those numbers, I really didn’t think about it much. But today is my 60th Birthday, so let’s go ahead and talk about it.

I know many of you have already passed that milestone, and I congratulate you. My Mom is 83. That’s a big number. John Mellencamp’s Grandmother said ” Life is short, even in it’s longest days”. Let me share my thoughts on that.

I practice what my children call ” Dad Science”. One of my theories is in regard to the time it takes the sun to set. Notice how when you are in Cabo or Cancun, the sun sets very quickly. You are close to the equator. When you are in upper Michigan,  sunset and dusk are about two hours long.  At the equator the surface of the earth is moving about 1000 mph. As you move toward the top of the ball we live on, it is moving much slower. Hence sunset takes a lot longer. Call bullshit on me if you will, I don’t care. But Neil DeGrasse Tyson mentions my theory in Quantum Physics for Dummies, or whatever that book I read is called.

When you are ten days old, one day, 24 hours, is 10% of your life. So life is long, and moves slowly. When you are eight years old, a year is still only 12% of your life. When you are 60 a year is only 1 1/3% of your life. More or less. Life is short. Now I dare you to call bullshit.

I have not been that smart with every one of my years. But so far I have had some fun. I am blessed with a wife who actually thinks I am kind of cool to be around, even though I am not really. I am actually kind of an ass. My kids hang out with me, and humor my slow walking pace and silly Dad Science. And I have some friends and family that I think might think I am ok in small doses too. And I know some of them actually have my back if it comes to that. I am grateful for all of that.

So Happy Birthday to me! And thank you everyone who cares about me. I love you all.