Not Walking

I did something completely out of the norm for me this weekend. I din’t go for any good walks.

We went to see the Kokomo Jackrabbits play baseball Friday night. That is a good time folks. There were 4 thousand people there Friday, and it got really fun. Two suggestions. One, stadium people, put some more workers in the concessions when you are expecting that kind of crowd. I went without water or other sustenance for 3 and one half hours. Two, if you are a person who is annoyed by having to stand up to let people pass in and out of the row, DON’T SIT ON THE END OF A ROW. We had a seriously grumpy lady in our row, and the nice folks in front of us had a similar situation. The Peru boy’s Football team was great company though, as were most of the people around us.

Saturday we enjoyed watching our Grandson from Dayton play at Grand Park. Sunday we returned for two games there also. What a nice place. That was a really good time too. We had to hang out with a bunch of Buckeyes, but they were ok. I made several new BFF’s. And my wife walked over to the Colt’s camp to see if Adam was around. She has a thing for kickers.

Very little walking was involved, and I apologize. I will be starting training for my fall return to the Knobstone Trail soon. Until then, please keep checking in here. I promise I will try not to disappoint you.