On May 26th I chose to walk from Cicero to Forest Park in Noblesville. On the railroad.

They have been making repairs to the tracks, and I got it in my head that I needed to do this before they start running the train again.

I parked behind the Cicero library and got on the railroad bed there. If you have ever walked on railroad tracks, you know that no matter what your stride is, the ties are not going to match it. So you are constantly adjusting your steps. To make it even better, wherever they had replaced a tie, they had not yet replaced the ballast around it. So there were little gravel hills and little holes beside them. I carried a pack for water. It was pretty hot too, and this was a good work out.

The scenery is really kind of interesting, and you have views of familiar things from a side you don’t ever see. I also saw deer, and quite a few birds. I passed by Noblesville West Middle School, and along a golf course too.

I walked 4.5 miles in 1 hour 55 minutes, which I think is pretty good pace considering the footing I was on. I elected to have my wife pick me up at Forest Park rather than walk back on the tracks, or along SR19.

I assume this is trespassing, hence illegal, hence it never really happened. And I strongly recommend you do not try this yourself;)