Midland Trace II



Today I returned to the Midland Trace Trail. I parked by the Kroger store at Carey Road and walked east toward Gray Road to my turn around point from yesterday. The same thing. Straight, flat, pleasant, boring. Then I turned west and went back, across Carey Road.

Now it is called Central Midland Trace, and you are in Westfield. This part is woodsy, and there are a lot of songbirds. There are also some corners and a couple of inclines. You go past the sewage plant drying beds, along a section of trail that is in poor condition. Then up a little hill, and into a residential area. I turned around at Mile 6.3 and headed back.

These corners are blind because of all of the trees, and bicycles come around the corners left of center. This section is really not very safe for that reason, and I recommend skipping this part. I certainly won’t return there. It is not worth the risk for the small area of woods.

I walked 3.15 miles today in 57 minutes. That is a normal pace for me on flat easy trails. In August I will have to step up my training a little as I plan to return to the Knobstone Escarpment Trail in September.