Midland Trace



Today I walked at the Midland Trace Trail IN Noblesville. I started at the Hazel Dell parking lot and walked west past Gray Road. I covered 3.3 miles in 60 minutes.

This is a flat, paved, easy trail, really more suited to a bike ride. And there are plenty of riders on it. There is even a Zagster bike rental station.

MT Bike

The trail is wooded in a lot of places, but it also passes a lot of back yards, cornfields, and school property. There is a lot more to it than this little leg, and I will cover more of it in the future.

Not really much to see here, but it is pleasant. I saw a lady riding her bike, talking on the phone. That gave me pause to think about how busy and important she must be, to have to multi task like that at 8:30 on a Saturday morning. I am glad my life is not so full that I have to do that. Right?

There are even some really nice restrooms at the parking area. How genteel! This trail is really easy and suitable for anyone to take a walk or ride, anytime. Lots of song birds and tree frogs and a few cicadas.

I’ll cover more of it on another day.