Community Park

There is a walking path starting at Community Park in Cicero. This is my go to if time is limited or I am feeling lazy. This path  is flat and paved. You will encounter other walkers, runners, and bicycles.  I like to park by the shelter house and walk to the town limit and back.

As you start out you will pass the new spiral slide the parks Department just installed. Pay no attention to the fact that it is leaning over. I am sure that they are not done installing it. You will also pass the Fire Department, and the spot where Wally tried to hit me with a golf ball while I was riding my bike one morning.

The path is newer, and in great shape, except in the park, where it is terrible. You cross several streets, and I sometimes vary my route to include a loop through a neighbor hood. No sidewalks here, so you are walking in the street if you choose to do that.

The path is very close to the road in places, so keep a heads up for people taking care of important texts, calls, or e-mails as they pass you.

Wildlife and Poop Factor is simple: Geese.

Cicero is a great place to walk, and this is just part of the many routes I use here in town.

Community park