Las Vegas

Remember when you had to go look at a thousand slides of someones vacation? Or hours of home movies from the Grand Canyon? Well luckily for you, that’s not how we do it anymore.

We just returned from a week in Las Vegas. It was to hot for any serious hiking, and it was also a trip for my wife and I to celebrate our anniversary, so I didn’t do any walking.

Wait, that’s not true. Las Vegas is nothing but walking. I recorded between 6,000 and 18,000 steps per day, except the two days we lived the cabana life by the pool, on which I recorded about 0. Even with UBER, we still walked a lot.

We did a lot of different things, and had a great time. There are a million things to do there, and Vegas knows how to make it fun.

I would like to mention that in my humble opinion, Southwest Airlines does not know how to make it fun. They actually suck. Sorry Mom. How hard is it to sell assigned seats so that you can sit by your traveling companion? My wife. On our anniversary trip.

I will resume my walking tomorrow morning, and get back to posting about that soon. Thank you for reading me. If you click the Follow button, you will get an e-mail every time I post. That’s all. I understand if you don’t want to commit like that. But this is really about you reading and enjoying my posts. So at least come back often. Thank you,