Kootwei Pic


Koteewi is a Hamilton County Park in Strawtown. I took my morning walk there today. I have walked at this park in every month of the year.

The trails are crushed stone, and some dirt sections. This trail runs along the White River in a flood plain, and it gets damaged often in the high water seasons. It is mostly open grassland, with some wooded sections. Flat and easy. It is well used, and you are likely to see others on this trail most days.

Poop factor: This place should be called Poopteewi. It is popular with equestrians. You figure it out from there. It is also a very popular place for doggies. Doggies on long leashes, or even no leashes. Be prepared to step off of the trail to let them pass. I could go on. So yes, poop factor very high.

Wild life: Today was just rabbits and Red Winged Blackbirds. I have seen many deer here, coyotes, turkeys, and Goldfinches. There were no Finches today. The Parks burned the grassland this spring and destroyed any seeds that carried over from last year. Goldfinches eat seeds, and even breed later in the season when their food source starts to replenish. So no seeds, no Finches. Also a great place for butterflies at the right times.

There are two main loops, with a couple of  intermediate trails, so you can vary your route and distance here from one visit to the next.

This is a pretty nice place for  a walk.

Kootewi Walk