Wednesday, the 4th of July, 2018, I took my morning walk at Macgregor Park in Hamilton County. The location is at US 31 and Hwy 38, on the NE corner. 21105 Macgregor Park Rd, Westfield IN 46074 to be exact.

This was my first time there, and two things jump out right away. Traffic noise from US31 is constant. But the trails are all crushed stone and dirt! Much better than pavement. This is a beautiful, mostly wooded trail. I walked around the perimeter, and then a little loop in a meadow in the center. There are other legs of the trail you can take, so you could get some more distance with out going over the same ground to much. And there are actually some mild inclines, which is hard to find close to my house.

I only saw 4 other people, and the dog poop factor was very low. I will always report that for you on any trail. Very important. It should be zero, and they even have the station and supplies available. But it was just low, not zero. Sorry.

Wildlife report is bluebirds. That was all on this day.

This is a pretty nice park for a short walk! Park at the end of the loop, not where I did at the front.Screenshot_20180706-151440

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