My 84 year old mother moved today. From 200 miles away, from a house she lived in for 50 years. She drove by herself. It was time, and this was all set in motion before the COVID-19 came to town. She came to my house to get her key to her new place in a retirement community. I couldn’t hug her. I can’t go help her set up her house. We will have to drop food off at her sidewalk for awhile. She is all alone in a strange, new place.

I’m not whining. All due respect and sympathy for you who have lost people, jobs, or still have to go to work and be around others, or even risk your life to save others. I am so sorry. I am lucky, so far. I can work at home, we have figured out how to get food, and things are okay. But I am angry.

I’m not angry at COVID-19. It is a virus. It has no brain, no emotion, no intention.

I’m not mad at the government. They didn’t make this happen. And most of those people appear to be on the same level as a virus as far as brains and intentions. ( Apologies to Fauci, Birx, and Holcomb)

I’m mad at the people I see doing nothing to stop the spread. Tailgating at restaurants? Business owners allowing it, in obvious violation of our Governors orders? People walking right up to other people. You know. You either are seeing it, or you’re doing it. God gave you a brain, he expects you to use it. Selfish, self centered morons. You can’t stay home for a couple of weeks?

I am angry at you.